Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

South Luangwa National Park

Today is our final morning in the South Luangwa National Park. It’s always so hard to leave this magical place. We savour the moment and drift along the riverside. It’s the height of the dry season and the Luangwa River is the only source of water. All living things are drawn to its banks.

At this time of year, the mighty Luangwa has dwindled to a shallow stream, but it’s all the water the animals have before the rains begin. In order to survive, they all must come to the river. Predators as well as prey.

Suddenly, we are joined by a lone giraffe, gracefully ambling towards the river. Soon a second giraffe appears, and then a third, followed by more, until we are observing a thirsty herd.

But when they get to the Luangwa, they don’t drink. Instead they peer across to the opposite shore.The giraffes have spotted a pride of lions. The big cats are lounging in the sand which is still moist from the cool night air. The giraffes, the lions, Brent and I are all aware of each other. Silently, we wait and watch.

In the wilderness, time passes at its own pace, and it is not until we glance at our watches that we realize an hour has passed. The giraffes move on, unhurried; some in small groups and others on their own. The lions, too, abandon the cool sand in search of more shade. And we make our way to the airport. We are all on the move.


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