Sibylle Brodmann

“We leave something of ourselves behind
when we leave a place;
we stay there, even though we go away.
And there are things in us
that we can find again only by going back there”

Pascal Mercier

I have always felt a special bond with animals and nature. The happiest moments of my childhood were spent exploring the woods and fields near the Swiss village where I grew up. And I never missed the wildlife documentaries on television. My favourite ones were about Africa. “Some day, I will go there, too!” I promised myself, but it wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that this dream finally came true.

Since then, I have returned almost every year to the fascinating wilderness of Southern Africa’s national parks. The unspoiled nature in these wild places never fails to fullfil and inspire me – and sometimes the beauty of it all almost breaks my heart.

These last untouched wild places hold a timeless fascination; they call wordlessly to our deepest origins. Despite their breathtaking beauty and untamed power, these landscapes are tragically vulnerable. Pure, unspoiled wilderness has become rare. The time for preservation is now.

This is what drives my passion for photography. Maybe my images can reach your heart and help you to share a sense for the beauty and fragility of nature. Together, we can be part of postive change.

Sales of my work support the hard work of Conservation South Luangwa. This Zambian non profit organization combats poaching in Zambia: www.cslzambia.org

Thank you so much for helping to preserve the Soul of the Wilderness!


For an unconventional version of my biography, have a look at the short comic book:

«Sibylle Brodmann & The Soul of Wildlife Photography»




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